Zero Motorcycles subsidizes electric motorcycling

It is widely recognized that electric motorcycling offers numerous advantages. Zero Motorcycles, a manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles, provides a unique riding experience without the need for clutching or shifting gears. Additionally, there is no need for expensive maintenance and no noise or odor pollution for the surrounding environment. The battery pack can be charged using renewable energy sources, enabling emission-free riding.

To allow more motorcyclists to experience the benefits of electric riding and encourage them to make the switch, Zero Motorcycles is now introducing the "GO ELECTRIC SUBSIDY," which has never been seen before.

The "GO ELECTRIC SUBSIDY" from Zero Motorcycles is a direct discount on the purchase price of the motorcycle. This allows the motorcyclist to immediately and tangibly benefit from this offer, giving them an extra push to switch to electric motorcycling. The subsidy amounts to €1,500 for models like FX, FXE, S, DS, DSR, and even €3,500 for models such as SR, SR/F, SR/S, and DSR/X.

The subsidy is applicable to all new Zero Motorcycles from 2022 and 2023. The Zero subsidy can be applied for until June 1st, and more information regarding this can be obtained from Zero dealers or on the Zero website.


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