The SR-X Concept

Zero Motorcycles is proud to introduce the SR-X concept, the latest creation from our Design the Future program. This program brings together some of the most talented designers and engineers in the industry, along with the Zero team, to push the boundaries of what is possible with electric motorcycles.

HUGE Design, led by Bill Webb, has once again played a key role in shaping Zero's vision for the future. Webb was responsible for designing the popular FXE motorcycle and its predecessor, the Zero SM. The SR-X is the latest showcase of his visionary design and Zero's commitment to innovation. This concept motorcycle, featuring minimal fairings, showcases Zero's industry-leading electric drivetrain and offers both performance and style.

"The SR-X concept motorcycle aims to strike a chord in the design of future electric motorcycles by combining clean lines and disciplined design details with the aggressive stance and raw performance feel of modern sport motorcycles.

The clean lines and disciplined product design style of the SR-X are fused with the aggressive proportions and raw functionality/visible engineering of more traditional racing motorcycles.

This is an attempt to define a new subcategory for high-performance electric motorcycles, something between a streetfighter and a track bike. It combines fairings and aerodynamic performance with a raw street attitude.

We aim for true sport motorcycle enthusiasts to appreciate the subtle and balanced design approach: modern, futuristic, and beautiful, without sacrificing the raw performance aesthetics and explicit technical appearance of high-performance motorcycles.

The team aimed to create a dramatic and low front-heavy silhouette with a bodywork that could contrast the fully visible engineering in an unconventional manner towards the rear of the motorcycle. The SR/S chassis/technology designed by Zero is impressive to behold, and we wanted the raw motorcycle underneath to be part of the final result.

Bill Webb


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